8 Reasons Why Puerto Vallarta is Unique

Why do visitors choose to vacation multiple times a year in Puerto Vallarta? Some people ask “Why would you want to vacation in the same place all the time?”

We hear consistent responses to this question.  The Official Puerto Vallarta portal has done a great job in summing up why Vallarta is a unique spot according to visitors’ comments on social media.

For us, we have to go with #2: the people’s warmth.  We have a friend of The JG Group who came to Vallarta for the first time in March 2016 and has been back 4 times since then.  In his own words in May 2017: “This is my 4th visit in 14 months. Just to clear up any confusion:  I love this place.  Fun.  Loving.  No judgment zone.”

We have to agree, and there are 7 more reasons on the list of why Puerto Vallarta is such a unique place.

The #1 reason on the list is…..Read more


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