3 Story For Rent/Lease in Emiliano Zapata, Puerto Vallarta

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You are in the Colonia right on the Rio Cuale

•  3 story FOR RENT  USD65 DL . Average Nightly

Casa Angel sits 6 blocks from the ocean and nightlife in the picturesque part of the Col. Emiliano Zapata. Stay like a local in a 1BR/1BA on the 2nd floor bedroom and 3rd floor patio where you can chill and chew in the open air kitchen.

A few blocks from the Lazaro Cardenas Mercado this neighborhood offers a residential atmosphere. With restaurants and stores around the block it is the perfect place for those looking for a balance between the walking-distance-vibrant nightlife with world-class restaurants, and a quiet environment with local kids playing on the streets.

A studio apartment on the ground floor presently undergoing renovation will soon be available.

Contact us today for information on one of the best rental deals available in the Zona Romantica.

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Multiplex For Sale in Emiliano Zapata, Puerto Vallarta

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Right on Los Muertos Beach

•  797.85 sqft , 1 bath , 1 bdrm multiplex FOR SALE  USD300,000 . Proven Revenue Generator

This recently upgraded and redecorated 1BR/1BA unit sits right on the beach across from Lazaro Cardenas Park in the Zona Romantica. This proven revenue generator (10% ROI!) has a documental rental history in one of the most popular areas of Puerto Vallarta. The unit enjoys city views, mountains/jungle, and overlooks the park basking in the sunshine from morning through afternoon. The charm of Mexico has been maintained during the remodel with accent tiles in the floor pavers, natural hardwood doors throughout, and numerous decorative and functional archways. This spacious unit also has a comfortable terrace with brick wall accents. Both the kitchen and bath have been updated with rich granite counters, cabinetry and tile work.

The Plaza Mar Condo is a secure building with 24-hour staff at the lobby entrance, elevator to all floors, including the rooftop where the building laundry facilities, and a relaxing rooftop lounge and pool area are located. HOA dues are approximately $11, 337 pesos/month and include gas and water for the unit, common area maintenance, building insurance and administration on site.

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There ARE Mexican Mortgages Available!

We sat down to talk with Joshua Rappaport, Founder/Owner/ Operator of Cross-Border Investment (CBI) and Cristina Roaf, one of his top sales executives, to get the low-down on traditional mortgages available to purchase property in Mexico. For the past several years mortgages have been available for U.S. and Canadian citizens and residents. The loans are issued by Mexican banks that accept foreign borrowers. Josh shares, “You can’t go into a U.S. or Canadian bank and get a mortgage using a property in Mexico as the collateral.  I entered the Mexican mortgage industry in 2006. Since then, I’ve been committed to forging relationships at the highest levels with Mexican banks. At Cross-Border Investment, we have been able to leverage those relationships to the best benefit of our clients. We have access to loans that are exclusive to CBI.”

Prior to the international banking crisis of 2008, American banks teamed up with Mexican banks to offer USD mortgages in Mexico.  The underwriting was done in the U.S. and the Mexican banks took care of working with the Mexican Notarios. In Mexico, the Notary Public is an attorney empowered by the Mexican government to validate and give formality to certain transactions, including real estate purchases.  All real estate transactions that exceed a certain amount must be performed before a Notary Public.

“We not only help our clients find the right financial product for their personal situation, we follow through with the execution of the entire purchase process.  We act as the closing coordinator and work with the Notaries,” explained Josh. “We work closely with real estate agents in the closing process since they are the professionals that are referring our clients.”

“One of the most important contributions we make to the closing process is helping our clients understand the nuances of an international real estate transaction,” Josh continued.  “While the overall process may be familiar….identifying a property, making an offer, negotiating contingencies, opening escrow and providing all the personal data for creation of the property title….there are some uniquely Mexican factors to consider,” added Cristina.  “Just as everyone’s experience may differ in the U.S. or Canada, the same applies in Vallarta. Some conditions for loan approval are uniquely Mexican, for example the life insurance requirement and the corresponding medical exam.”

“The bank trust is also another uniquely Mexican factor, “Josh noted. We spend one-on-one time with our clients to make sure they understand not only the differences in processes, but the uniquely Mexican relationship with time.  Things move more slowly in Vallarta than what someone in a U.S. or Canadian market may expect.”

The JG Group has worked with the bilingual team at CBI and can recommend, without hesitation, the knowledgeable and responsive approach they take with every client.  Don’t hesitate to click here and start talking with Cristina Roaf. Whether you are considering your retirement home or an investment property with proven ROI, she can help your Vallarta vision come true.  Let her know that The JG Group sent you!

Click here to learn more from CBI about loan-to-value ratios, interest rates, payment terms, income documentation and credit score requirements.  Getting pre-qualified for a mortgage gives our clients peace of mind and the ability to evaluate properties they may have considered out of reach.  

Don’t wait.  The only regret our clients express is not having started sooner.

What is it about Puerto Vallarta? It’s the Ley Lines!


Puerto Vallarta – Mexico
by Julie Guerrero

The first time I was making my flight arrangements to come to Puerto Vallarta, I had to look it up on a map to see where I was going.  I had never heard of this resort town on the Pacific coast of Mexico.  I was living in Mexico City and my then-husband had just accepted an invitation to interview at the Four Seasons in Punta Mita.  Having just completed his culinary program at Le Cordon Bleu at the UNAM University, it was time to look for where we were going to relocate.  While I love visiting Mexico City, I was ready to live in a tropical climate.  We had visited Acapulco, Los Cabos, Veracruz, Cancun, and Playa del Carmen.  I was getting a little concerned.  While all of those Mexican cities boast lovely beaches and sunny weather, I was not feeling it.

When I got off the plane at Gustavo Diaz Ordaz airport and stepped foot in Puerto Vallarta for the first time in November of 2007, I felt something.  I didn’t know what it was, but it was definitely something.  By the time the taxi dropped us off at the Playa Los Arcos hotel in the Col. Emiliano Zapata, I said to my husband, “Regardless of what happens with the interview, this is where we’re going to live.”

The next month, December of 2007, we moved to Puerto Vallarta.

I was working for a global recruiting firm at the time.  I would fly out of Vallarta on Monday morning and return on Friday afternoon, having only the weekends to start to learn about the city we now called home.  That schedule lasted through all of 2008.  However, people at my company, and all over the U.S. were getting nervous.  The writing was on the wall and we knew the financial crisis that began in 2007 in the subprime mortgage market in the U.S and developed into the full-blown international banking crisis in 2008 was going to have wide-reaching effects.

In January of 2009, my company eliminated the entire Learning & Development department.  So here I was in Vallarta.  No job.  Lots of possibilities.  And, all of a sudden, I found myself living here.  No more travel.  No more road warrior status.  Good-bye traveling the world.  Hello Vallarta.

One of the things that I noticed about the people visiting Vallarta as tourists is that they really liked it here.  I mean really, really liked it.  As a globe-trotter, I enjoyed visiting new cities in my business travel.  I would normally tack on a few days to the end of my projects so I could explore the cities where I was working: Monterrey, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Lima, Santiago de Chile, Tokyo, Toronto and every major U.S. city from coast to coast.  I met people here in Vallarta that once they came the first time, they never vacationed anywhere else.  I found that both impressive and curious.  How could people not want to explore other destinations in Mexico?  How could you want to come back to the same place every year?  Then twice a year.  Then a few months at a time.  Then again, all of a sudden, people move here.  I found that fascinating.

So I started asking people, “What is it about this place?  Why do people fall so passionately and deeply in love with Vallarta?”

I got consistent answers.  “The beach.  The mountains.  The food.  The people.”  While the answers were consistent, I felt they were lacking.  There are many cities with more beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, nice people and more cuisines and restaurants available.  I kept looking for the answer.  Then I found it.

Ley lines.

Ley lines are invisible lines of energy that connect the earth’s sacred places with each other. They are lines of naturally occurring fields of magnetic force, or mystical veins of power, that run across land or water and lead from one point, or vortex, to the next like thousands of fiber optic streams similar to the Kundalini. They spread out like a spider web connecting them in a vast network of pulsing, subtle power that geometrically links holy places worldwide. This attribute has the ability to amplify specific areas of the world. It is said that even people not in tune with ley lines can feel or intuit their power, a notion that explains why holy places remain holy – they “feel” sacred. The ley lines carry vitality to the land and people, the same as blood vessels do in their bodies.

In Puerto Vallarta, these ley lines are overflowing with elemental powers that are sacred to the Shamans, Medicine men, Huichol healers, Guru’s, Channelers, and spiritual teachers. Their energy inspires artists and writers who live here. They also draw people who are looking for peace and a life of spiritual quality where one can evolve in a deeply meditative, healing atmosphere. Puerto Vallarta’s healing ley lines are wonderful for meditation, doing yoga, and are deeply restoring to the soul.

Living near a vortex or a ley line forces one to find internal peace. It is a place where you need to abandon your resistance and the way you have done things in other places.  One re-evaluates the modus operandi that that may have worked in a more hectic environment.  It won’t work here.

WARNING:  In Puerto Vallarta you cannot force your will or live in your ego, because if you do, you will become angry, agitated, and miserable. Many people come and go from this beautiful healing energy of Puerto Vallarta. People who come from pure ego or a my-way attitude eventually leave Vallarta because the energy drags them out.  This much energy can be manifested for the greatest good or, in the alternative, some pretty dark forces.

There are 12 ley lines that transverse Vallarta.  Puerto Vallarta’s first ley line enters from the south of Banderas Bay and goes to Los Arcos where the first vortex emanates. It then makes its way to land and moves through the mountains toward the upper part ofConchas Chinas.

The 2nd vortex emanates in the upper part of Conchas Chinas. From upper Conchas Chinas, it runs down to the small rocky section of Playa Los Muertos to the 3rd vortex.

It then moves to the upper part of Amapas where it stops in the 4th vortex.

It moves across the mountains to Basilio Badillo to the 5th vortex.

It runs straight across to the mouth of the Rio Cuale where the 6th vortex emanates.

Then it moves up to the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe to the 7th vortex.

The ley line continues toward Gringo Gulch where the 8th vortex emanates.

From Gringo Gulch, it moves along the ocean to the property of the Sheraton Buganvilias Hotel to the 9th vortex.

The ley line continues from the Sheraton to the mouth of the Ameca River, the border of the state of Nayarit, to the 10th vortex.

From the Ameca River, it heads out into the Bay toward the Marietas Islands and the 11th ley line to Punta Mita where the 12th ley line is located.

In Puerto Vallarta these vortexes can be observed over the Bay of Banderas only from the mountains. They are visible from October to early December, and later  for a couple of weeks in mid-January and again after March. They are created, not by wind or water, but from spiraling spiritual energy. Vortex sites are believed to be locations having an energy flow that exists on multiple dimensions. The energy of the vortexes interacts with a person’s inner self. It is not easily explained, and obviously it must be experienced.

Puerto Vallarta is a deeply healing city. It lies off the world grid. Because it is off the world grid, one does not feel the scattered disruptive energies of the rest of the world while staying here. While the rest of Mexico has its own unique beauty,  Puerto Vallarta truly has it’s own magnificent vibration because of it’s off-the-grid energy which creates an environment of kindness, love, meditative, spiritual and sexual energy.

So there you have it.  Ley lines: one of the reasons we all live and love in Vallarta.

Source: Bart Smit – Ley Lines in Puerto Vallarta, Wonderful for Meditation, Yoga and Restoring the Soul

Kindness: One of the best characteristics of Puerto Vallarta

Our friends at International Living identified one of the best reasons to move to Mexico in general, and Puerto Vallarta in particular.

Their article, “There’s much more to Mexico than just low costs,” highlights the author and his wife’s personal experience with the up-close-and-personal way those of us who call Puerto Vallarta home share our happiness with living here.

The author writes, “The thing about kindness is that it can be hard to define or put your finger on, but you know it when you feel it.”

People most often feel this kindness when a stranger helps lost-looking souls find their destinations.  You feel it when shop keepers strike up friendly conversations.  You feel it when neighbors say buenos dias to passers-by.

With the current USD exchange rate, Americans can live pretty well in Mexico, with monthly living expenses at half of the cost of living in large U.S. cities.  However, we have found that the decision to move to Mexico should not be based on the low cost of living alone.

Paradoxically, some people find that although they have more disposable income, people tend to live more modestly in Puerto Vallarta than in the American cities from where they relocated.

In the U.S., there are people with big houses, the newest cell phone technology, and all of the latest gadgets.  It is difficult not to want these things when immersed in a consumer culture.  In Mexico, we also have nice things, but you see less of the “I-gotta-have-this latest….” fill in the blank.

We live simpler lives in Mexico.  Some of us live in houses that are not large.  We drive cars that are not new.  Some people don’t even own cars!

Yet, what is the most interesting aspect of our daily lives that visitors notice most?  We are all pretty freaking happy.  The International Living author described it as never having been “…around so many carefree, smiling, joyful people in my life.”  Si, señor.  That pretty much sums up how most of us who made the decision to call Puerto Vallarta “home” feel.

Vallartenses prefer things to be tranquilo.  We have learned to slow down and not be in such a hurry to….well, anything.  We don’t have the perception that money is the only indicator of wealth.  We find wealth through a multitude of other sources…wealth through relationships, wealth through nature’s beauty, wealth through helping others.

In Puerto Vallarta, you find that community replaces consumerism.

Community is saying buenos dias to your neighbors and the people you pass on the street on your daily walks.  Community is buying your food from the local mercado.  Community is having genuine conversations with complete strangers.  Community is helping one another.

When you are a part of a community that places a high value on relationships, you learn to do the same.  You learn to value your neighbors and your connections with others.

Some people move to Puerto Vallarta to get off the hamster wheel, to retire, to start a new adventure.  Most people know they will love the beach, the mountains, the 300+ sunny days a year.  What surprises many who make the move is just how much they will love the people.

If you are looking for a simpler life, a life that values community and emphasizes people over objects, then come join us.  We love Puerto Vallarta.  You will too.

Col. El Caloso
*excerpts International Living

Multiplex For Sale in Emiliano Zapata, Puerto Vallarta

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ADA and LEED Certified

•  multiplex FOR SALE  USD170,875 . Pre-Construction Discounts Available

AVIDA wins the prize for the most awaited development in the Zona Romantica. This new residential community concept occupies the space of the former Cine Bahia on Insurgentes between Francisco Madero & Aquiles Serdan, right before the Rio Cuale bridge heading north into Centro.

AVIDA boasts the first sustainable development that is committed to the LEED® for Homes v4.1 certification from USGBC® standards; and ADA® standard access in Puerto Vallarta. The ADA access brings a new standard of construction not yet seen in a development of this size to meet the needs of those in wheelchairs or with limited mobility. Discover unparalleled amenities that have been designed to complement your lifestyle and guarantee the utmost comfort, whether you are living or vacationing in Vallarta. The design of community spaces allows

Offering studios, 1- and 2-bedroom apartments, the construction builds in community spaces where inclusivity becomes part of the fabric of living.

Once obtaining certification, AVIDA will be the first residential building of its kind in Puerto Vallarta, and one of the first in all of Mexico. The developers have collaborated with sustainable residential development experts to help generate a positive change within the environment and in the Vallarta real estate landscape.

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Multiplex For Sale in Zona Hotelera, Puerto Vallarta

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Last Opportunity for Beachfront Living!

•  multiplex FOR SALE  USD169,980 . Pre-Construction Discounts Available

Harbor 171 provides the very last opportunity for true Beach-Front living in downtown Puerto Vallarta. Occupying a truly central location in the middle of the Hotel Zone on the main street coming into Vallarta from the airport, this beautiful new project impresses. Harbor 171 offers studios, 2- and 3-bedroom units in this Beach-Front luxury condominium, all of them with a unique and spectacular ocean view, top of the line finishes, outstanding construction quality at some of the most competitive prices of the Bay of Banderas. This exciting development presents an impressive triple height lobby, business center, gym, spa, a very large infinity pool with jacuzzies, snack bar, beach terrace, fire pits and exuberant manicured landscaping.

Delivery date: Summer 2019

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