Welcome Erick!

Erick Martinez Fierro first came to Puerto Vallarta in 2010 from San Francisco.  After 2 years of working in customer care with some of the most popular establishments in La Zona Romantica, he moved on in 2012 to projects in Mexico City,  Dubai, and Chihuahua.  After 5 years of exploring the world, he returned to Vallarta in October of 2017.  Both The JG Group and Vallarta are lucky he did.

Erick brings a combination of media expertise, on-the-ground market awareness, seamless bilingual communication, savvy Mexican know-how and an inherent genuine interest in people to The JG Group team.  Look for his personal blog in 2018 that will keep you connected to what is really happening in Puerto Vallarta.  You can reach him at erick@jggrouppv.com

Welcome Erick Martinez Fierro…..we’re going to have a lot of fun in 2018!


2017 Sales Volume Numbers

2017 Real Estate Market Performance Reported for Vallarta/Nayarit

When was the last time you walked around La Zona Romantica?  If it’s been longer than a year, you will marvel at the new projects and off-the-charts energy we are enjoying in the Bay of Banderas the next time you stroll through the colonia. Vallarta/Nayarit continues on its steady climb in this robust real estate market with a higher volume of US dollar sales and more property sold since 2009.  The following numbers reflect reported activity from January 1, 2017 to December 29, 2017.  

Reported Total Sales Volume:  $260,636,485.00 USD (40% increase from 2016, includes condos, homes and land)

Properties Sold: 871 (includes condos, homes and land)

Average Sales Price Condos:  $277,154 USD
Average Sales Price Condos: (Col.Amapas): ($397,507 USD)
Average Sales Price Condos (Col. Emiliano Zapata): $288,788 USD
Average Sales Price Condos (Col. Gringo Gulch): $320,000 USD
Average Sales Price Condos (Col. Lower Conchas Chinas): $512,948 USD
Average Sales Price Condos (Col. Upper Conchas Chinas): $254,077 USD
Total Reported Condo Sales Vallarta/Nayarit: $172,943,863.00

Average Sales Price Homes:  $365,796 USD
Average Sales Price Homes: (Col.Amapas): ($423,333 USD)
Average Sales Price Homes (Col. Emiliano Zapata): $354,229 USD
Average Sales Price Homes (Col. Gringo Gulch): $640,000 USD
Average Sales Price Homes (Col. Lower Conchas Chinas): -0-
Average Sales Price Homes (Col. Upper Conchas Chinas): $652,500 USD
Total Reported Home Sales Vallarta/Nayarit: $71,330,157.00

These numbers are based upon the reported sales activity through the Associacion Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobilarios (AMPI), the Association of Mexican Real Estate Professionals.

For more information including land sales and activity in other market segments throughout the Bay of Banderas contact us today.  Get started on your Puerto Vallarta real estate investment game plan for 2018.  We can help.

100% Occupancy on NY Eve in Vallarta

2017 comes to a close as fast as accommodations are filling up in Puerto Vallarta to welcome 2018.   The Jalisco Department of Tourism expects we will close out the year with 100% hotel occupancy.  We can attest that some of our friends have called us to find rooms and the Zona Romantica is SOLD OUT.  The Department of Tourism also reports that as of Tuesday, December 26, the highest influx of the 2017 season was recorded.

“The destination is going to be saturated, it will be 100%. Not only hotels, but also all those alternatives such as Air BnB and timeshares, Puerto Vallarta as of today is filled,” stressed Enrique Ramos Flores, head of the Department of Tourism of the State of Jalisco.


Click here to see more occupancy stats from our friends at Vallarta Daily News, including information on road closures for New Year’s Eve.