105° Sail View

You can witness the majesty of Los Muertos pier,  people strolling at different paces, or the heralded Vallarta sunset standing at the top of Calle Francisca Rodriguez. It’s a view worth getting lost in for a moment. The only reason worthy of turning your back on  the pier is to walk into 105° Sail View. This new condominium development rises grandly at the very top of the street, just 3 blocks from the sparkling waters of Banderas Bay.

You enter a lobby awash with natural materials through the floor-to-ceiling glass doors: stone, rattan,  and Mexican clay. Earthy tones and natural rustic finishes and details weave through each level and every corner  of this unique building showcasing its modern Mexican personality, an esthetic we find especially pleasing, though far from common, in new developments.

Proceeding to your right on the lobby level, you’ll find a warm, eclectic bar and lounging area with cathedral ceilings that pays homage to the Mexican muralist. A mural has been plasmated behind the bar. The ocean meets humanity in intense colors. Dozens of lamps are not only a decorative  statement, they also set the perfect ambiance to chill and read or welcome guests during the day, or have an artisan cocktail in the evening. Enjoy all of this while overlooking the colonia’s twinkling lights at night.

While setting the expectation for luxury and quality, one should be prepared for the impression of the model unit. Even so, you will  be pleasantly surprised. The units are not only practical and spacious, but the finishes, design, and floor plan will inspire you to take up residence, not only for vacation  time, but all year long.

And if having your pooch by your side is your lifestyle, animal owners and lovers will enjoy the only  doggy park of its kind in a new condominium development in La Zona Romantica. This outdoor space within the confines of the condo provides quick and easy access for man (and woman’s) best friend’s daily walks.  105° Sail View was designed with your, and your pet’s, comfort in mind.

The attention to local culture that reminds me of my abuelita’s house  in this tasteful and elegant presentation fills me with Mexican pride.  I invite you to experience the balance of nature in 105° Sail View with me.  Don’t take my word for it.  Come and see it yourself.  I’ll show you around.

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